C. H. Bull Company worked with J F Shea in designing a jacking system to support a Interstate 5 bridge north of Redding. They needed to support the bridge during the demolition of the bridge deck and the replacement. C. H. Bull company supplied a calibrated jacking system to support the bridge.

Genie 125’ boom lift to access the underside of the bridge


Having worked with C. H. Bull in the past JF Shea came to us to design a jacking system to solve a problem that was going to develop as the job went on. The concrete roadway surface on these 560 foot long overpasses was going to be removed and replaced.

The vertical pipe supports in place on one of the permanent concrete bent. This was to maintain support during the time the roadway surface was being removed and re-poured.


Shea designed vertical pipe supports that support the bridge on each side of the two cast in place bent. They had to use a 125 foot Genie boom lift because the roadway was almost 100 feet above the working surface below.

A 5-port manifold controlling the 5-100 ton locking collar hydraulic jacks.


Picture of the jack prior to being extended into place to support the bridge.