Texas Power Plant Stator

Bigge Drayage got a job in the 1980’s which required them to take out and quickly lower a 500 ton Power Plant stator 50+ feet to a waiting truck. The problem was 500 tons being lowered 50 feet in 30 minutes would create a huge amount heat that would be transferred into the hydraulic oil. C. H. Bull at the request of Bigge calculated the amount of heat the load would generate and then modified bigge’s 100 HP pump with a Young heat exchanger. C. H. Bull’s Stan Sheppard went to Texas for the first lowering.

biggee 20150422_13382964
biggee 20150422_sd

The pump and heat exchanger worked perfectly but the conditions were certainly not ideal. We experienced 40-50 MPH winds in the middle of the night and of course it was raining.

Hydraulic pump skid mounted with Young radiator for high heat loads