Gold Run Bridge over Interstate 80 south of Truckee


C. H. Bull having worked with most of the contractors who have worked on bridge jobs has built the reputation as the “Go To “company when large tonnage and large capacity jacks are needed. Roe Construction out of Truckee came to C. H. Bull in 2000 to help design a system to Raise Gold Run Bridge over Interstate 80 south of Truckee in the Sierras. On this job, the bridge crossing the freeway and the three bents were all lifted together.

1 of a number of 100 ton jacks offering stability and lifting at the abutment of the bridge as it was lifted


Another lifting/stability jack at the abutment – The complete jacking system had a capacity of 2,000 tons.


A pulling assembly was designed and as the jacks were raised the DYWIDAG THREADBAR® on each side of the jack as pictured below would pull up the Bent (A rigid frame commonly made of reinforced concrete or steel that supports a vertical load and is placed transverse to the length of a structure.)

8 jacks in place at the center bent


View of the lifting assembly


Once the jacks were extended 4-5 inches the locking collar was screwed down to hold the load mechanically and the jacking structure would be reset for another 4-5 inch lift.

Close up of the jacking set up with 100 ton ram and two
DYWIDAG THREADBAR® on each side of the jack


The bridge was successfully lifted 18” safely and in a timely manner