job assessment


It is important to fully understand what the job will involve. Working with customers and engineers during the bidding process so there will be no (or at least fewer surprises) when the job starts.

  • Evaluate the scope of the work.
  • Should the lift be done by pushing up the load or pulling up a load.
  • Will the lift be done all at once or 1” at a time?


Understanding the scope of the job we will work with your engineers to guide in the design and the engineer the job for the best possible outcome.

  • Understanding regulatory issues.
  • Designing systems to reduce down time on the bridge.
  • Using manufacturers standard products as well as designing and engineering special products for a job.

special-fabrication (1)


There are many fine manufactures of hydraulic jacking equipment and we work with most of them. When your job requires something that is not in the catalog we fabricate it to the specs on the job.

  • Custom components.
  • Special jacking surfaces to assure correct alignment.


  • C. H. Bull has one of the largest inventories of jacking systems and components on the West Coast.
  • Over 70,000 tons of jacks ready to go.
  • Special pumps, manifolds, gauges and hoses of any length.
  • Calibration of jacks to 1,000,000 pounds.



CH Bull has been a distributor of hydraulics for 70 years. We are recognized by our customers and our factory representatives as the go to place for off the shelf stock  and factory support.

  • Jacks, special cylinders, hand pumps, gas pumps, electric pumps, air over hydraulic pumps.
  • Standard and custom length hoses.
  • Custom manifolds.
  • Systems that have been pre-tested prior to delivery.


It has long been a tradition of C. H. Bull to repair what we sell. This is especially true of hydraulics.  We are a warranty location for Enerpac, TK Simplex, Power Team and many other brands.

  • Pumps, air, electric and gas.
  • Rams from 5-500 tons.
  • Post tension jack systems.
  • Automotive jacks including floor jacks and transmission jacks.



A good number of the jobs we rent a system to or sell a system to, we will be asked to be on the job for the initial set up and during the actual lift. With our 50 plus years of experience we are recognized as an expert and offer a level of comfort when the 500 ton bridge starts to lift.

  • Understanding of what could go wrong and the ability to fix it.
  • Consulting also includes training to field workers.
  • We also offer expertise in the area of Fall Protection, a major issue with bridge work.


C. H. Bull has launched a training division called Training Solutions. We will do tailgate training, classroom training, and job site training. We offer a number of different classes including many of the top OSHA violations.

  • Basic Hydraulic Safety.
  • Fall Protection.
  • Ladder Safety.
  • Confined Space.