Load Charts

The following Load Charts are to give you an idea of your load based upon the force you are applying.

These are not to be confused with a calibration.


Cylinder TonnageCylinder Effective AreaView the PDF
5.99View Chart
101.98View Chart
102.24View Chart
102.27View Chart
102.76View Chart
123.14View Chart
203.92View Chart
204.43View Chart
204.48View Chart
204.70View Chart
204.736View Chart
204.83View Chart
255.15View Chart
255.16View Chart
26.55.30View Chart
306.34View Chart
306.49View Chart
306.85View Chart
307.21View Chart
307.22View Chart
308.29View Chart
509.62View Chart
509.63View Chart
509.64View Chart
5010.30View Chart
5010.60View Chart
5010.86View Chart
5010.99View Chart
5011.04View Chart
6011.78View Chart
6012.31View Chart
6012.74View Chart
6013.42View Chart
7515.45View Chart
7515.90View Chart
10019.63View Chart
10019.64View Chart
10020.60View Chart
10020.63View Chart
10021.20View Chart
10022.15View Chart
10022.75View Chart
10028.30View Chart
15028.30View Chart
15030.68View Chart
View Chart
15031.60View Chart
15031.62View Chart
15035.18View Chart
15035.85View Chart
20044.27View Chart
20049.30View Chart
25056.85View Chart
30070.88View Chart
40086.42View Chart
500113.00View Chart
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