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Load Charts

The following Load Charts are to give you an idea of your load based upon the force you are applying. These are not to be confused with a calibration.

Two Major Bridge Collapses in 2015

Most people don’t realize the lurking danger they face from a potential bridge collapse failure when performing their daily commute. Very few would readily recognize a freeway overpass as a bridge, but the truth is, all overpasses are bridges and an alarming number of them are listed as having deficiencies or being obsolete in the […]

Bridge Collapse

Bridge Collapse Causes There are many factors that lead to bridge failures, such as: Design Defects Incorrect construction materials Improper maintenance or repairs Lack of effective inspections And many others… Bridges are impressive feats of modern engineering, seemingly so solid and strong that we often think of them as being permanent and impervious to time, […]

Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge

WASHINGTON (AP) — Motorists coming off the Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge into Washington are treated to a postcard-perfect view of the U.S. Capitol. The bridge itself, however, is about as ugly as it gets: The steel underpinnings have thinned since the structure was built in 1950, and the span is pocked with rust and crumbling […]